Double-D Entertainment Survey Form

Thank you once again for your patronage.  We are continually trying to improve our business and the quality of music-entertainment that we deliver to all of our clients.  We would appreciate if you would take a couple of minutes to give us your honest feedback on how well we served you




Name:  Phone:
Email: Mailing Address
Type of Event: Date of Event



1. How did you initially hear about Double-D Entertainment?

I was in attendance at one of your events
Internet search
Bridal show



2. On your initial call, did we return your call in a quick manner?

    Yes     No


3.  Did you ever have a problem contacting us by phone, e-mail, or fax?

    Yes     No


4. Do you feel that the consultation meeting was (check all that apply):

Exactly What We Wanted
Too Overwhelming


5. Do you feel that your event could have been successful without this consultation?

    Yes     No


6. Were we dressed appropriately at your event?

    Yes     No


7. Describe our selection of music for your event (check all that apply):

Exactly what we expected
Played a wide variety
Took requests
Did not take requests
Could not get people dancing


8. How would you describe our M.C. skills (microphone presence) at your event? (check all that apply):

Clear & pronounced, excellent communication skills
Not clear; could not understand most of what was said
Energetic & motivating
Dull and boring


9. In your opinion, which had the most significant effect on your event?

The skill of the DJ; playing the right music at the right time
The skill of the MC; keeping the guests entertained and informed
Both were equally important


10. How well did we coordinate the flow of events at your event?  (check all that apply):

Exceeded our expectations
Very organized
Took charge
Very unorganized
Did not meet expectations


11. After the event, what were your feelings on how well the event turned out?

Extremely satisfied
Extremely dissatisfied


12. Do you feel that you received great value and service for the money that you spent on our services?

    Yes     No


13. What amount of importance did Double-D Entertainment play in making your event a total success?

Greater than 75%


14. Please rank the websites that you used and found useful during the planning process of your wedding


Excellent Good Fair Terrible Did not use




15. Please rank the usefulness of the following in helping you plan your wedding?


Very Useful Useful Just Ok Terrible Did Not Use
Bridal shows



16. Are you comfortable referring us to family and friends?

    Yes     No


17. May we use your name as a reference?

    Yes     No


18.  Would you please use the space below for general comments and feelings about our services as they applied to your event.   Your comments will eventually be placed on our website for future clients to view.



Thanks again,


Double-D Entertainment

Derek & Desiree Saddler